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This is one of the few adult models that really does rock my world, she is on my box absolutely stunning, she’s a 10 out of 10, they are a lot of very good reasons why Hot Pornstar Rachel Roxxx is so high ranked in my personal opinion and I think that is something that thousands of others also share simply because of her way to be in real life and at the same time to be when she makes her porn videos.

I actually had the opportunity to meet her at the XBIZ Festival in Los Angeles two years ago, we had lunch together and we must have talked for like two hours, she is an absolute incredibly intelligent girl, she’s filthy minded and for all them that have seen her star in live porn you also understand why she is great overall.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 0 inches (152 cm)
Weight: 101 lbs (46 kg)
Measurements: 34D-23-36
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Personal Details:
Age: 31 years OLD
Date of Birth: March 2, 1983
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: San Antonio, TX USA
Ethnicity: American
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Butterfly between small tribals lower back; 3 small stars edge of each hand; Right foot
Piercings: Both nipples; Navel
Aliases: Rachel Roxx; Rachel Lyn
Started in 2005 at approx 22 years old

It’s nice always to add a stunning photograph of the person that were talking about and as you can see I posted some of her stats, the stats were taken from the Super Star Spinner Rachel Roxx page over at CherryPimps.com and to make things easier for you I also posted the link as you can see.

Roxxx realy Rocks!

She rocks totally, she happens to be among the top 25 most famous pornstars inactivity at this time, she runs in the top 10 in my books, she runs in the top five when it comes down to sucking cock, and the top three when it comes down to taking it up your ass. Have you ever seen anal sex starring this gorgeous babe? Will that’s what qualifies her as being one of the most incredible Live Pornstars that there are today in cyclization.

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Would you like to know a lot more about her, you can visit her personal page on this Hot Pornstars network, you can check out the hundreds of posted professional photographs of her clothed, semi naked, totally naked and of course while she’s taking cock. You’ll also find the schedule when she is on next and if you missed by any chance any of her past life shows that all recorded and all there waiting for you on her profile.

Rachel’s personal profile on Cherrypimps.com

It was about time that Rachel Roxxx Live Porn Videos Queen got her personal profile uploaded on CherryPimps.com however she was one of the first to get it as what I can see they are uploading profiles for the most popular adult models first and then slowly going down and adding them to all the other pornstars, so in other words Rachel along with Phoenix Marie, Ava Devine and Tori Black with a very first to get something of their own on this incredible life porn show website. It’s really cool because there are all her statistics on their personal information, I’m not talking about home address and telephone, but where she was born and obviously when and some interesting additional information along with hundreds of high definition photographs of her in the act, obviously in the sex act and several of her past live porn videos, that you may not have seen when they were going down and happening and therefore they make sure that they keep them in the archives and I’m talking about Corning’s of these live porn owes.

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so that’s a really good thing now you know when she will be on next without having to go through all the website or checking out the calendars, and of course if you missed any of her live performances any offer Live Porn, then you can simply bookmark the page that I gave you and check it out convenience at any time.

If you think that these guys are the only ones I can actually provide Live Pornstar Shows with real adult models, that sounds a little crazy, however it is the truth and nothing but the truth, simply because they have an exclusive with close to 1000 of the most popular pornstars and have practically left the crumbs for everybody else to use, if you know what I mean.

Oh my dear Rachel you are even hotter on live WebCam

As you know for every blog post I have to pick one image at least of the porn star that we are going to talk about, I went over to the website where Rachel is performing in Live Porn videos and I checked out her profile and I checked out all the photographs that are also on her profile that happened to be hundreds of photographs, if not thousands, in other words there were pages and pages of incredible sex scenes taken while she was getting fucked on live WebCam, and as you can see I have picked more than just one because I was extremely undecided and went with at least six of which I think are really good and show her at her very best.


So how are things doing with Rachel? Well first of all she has made three brand-new DVDs that are already out there on the market you can also find them on most of the quality paysites and as far as I know she is also up for a AVN award at the start of next year, she is not new denominations and I think she has already won a couple of these awards, but now the nominee should be for the Live Pornstar shows award, and if you ask me I think that she has a great shot at winning it, because I have seen her perform in live sex and I have to say that she is on my top five list, this girl really knows how to handle a cock and while watching her doing it live to be honest is even better.

So when I get in the mail my award voting form when I see the voice Live sex shows I’ll know exactly who to vote for, even though I think this time around AVN is actually giving you three different choices for each category that you vote for, however I will also be attending the AVN awards and if there are any of you that will also be there please be sure to contact me in private so that we can meet up and sit down and have a beer together, why not?

My favorite pornstar now doing live sex shows

If you told me a week ago that my favorite pornstar Rachel Roxxx was involved in a website called cherrypimps.com, that is well known worldwide to provide live sex shows of famous porn stars on a daily basis, I would tell you that you were nuts, but that actually happened Rachel is now fucking big cocks live over the Internet, and on a couple of very popular websites one I have linked and mentioned in this paragraph are broadcasting those sex moments while they actually happen, in other words you are broadcasting and live streaming a porn video as it actually happens and it is all and totally unedited.

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You see these are not the usual Live Sex Shows all of the girl you’ve never seen before, the girl that you have no idea how she fucks and handles cock, those were risky moments because you would pay to watch a girl getting her pussy nailed by a massive cock but you wouldn’t know if she was good enough and up to it or not, while in this case there porn stars and therefore you know absolutely they are totally capable and they will totally satisfied while you watch them and beat your meat.

It’s a totally new concept, and to be honest I think that this is the new direction where porn is actually going, I really think that adult entertainment is going to go in this direction and it will keep going in this direction for a very long time as I think that live porn is the answer. Then if that live porn is made by Live Pornstars and in most cases the most famous, the most popular and of course the most beautiful porn stars then there is nothing I think wildly could possibly compete with something like that, especially if you think that we are talking about extremely low fees to become a member of one of these websites and enjoy all this free live porn on a daily basis.

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